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About Us

We are here to help you learn and understand all aspects of Data Protection,

the General Data Protection Regulation, Data Privacy and Cyber Security

About Us

Professional Interest in IT and Technology

since the 1990’s

The team at Defend My Data have worked within legal and financial industries for many years, and during this time, we grew our knowledge in all aspects of data protection and information security.

Defend My Data Team
Areas of Professional Expertise

Information Security

Legal Research

Communications Strategies

User Journey Design

Risk Management

Cyber Security

Data and Information Security Experts - ready to train you!

Years Of Experience between the Defend My Data team


Why choose us

We know how difficult it can be to find straight forward training on data protection, the GDPR and cyber security.

There are a lot of training providers who can teach you all about the technical aspects, but none of these take the jargon out and put the understanding and engagement back in.

That is where Defend my Data are different.

Using our years of knowledge learnt during our careers, means we understand and know what you want to know, and which areas you don’t need to.

We can give you concise and precise training, help you by creating your user awareness campaigns and can also test your users to check they won’t get caught out by phishing!

We want everyone to be able to understand how they can easily defend their data, both online and offline.

We want to make complex subjects such as the General Data Protection Regulation easier to understand, in ways that will resonate with you in your personal life and also within your workplace.

We want to give you the training, awareness and assistance to be able to “Defend My Data’.

We provide easy to understand training; Not heavy on legal terms and technical jargon

We're friendly and approachable

We will answer any question; if you think of something after your training, just ask!

Years of 'Hands on experience' allows us to understand your point of view

We want to make Data Protection, GDPR and Cyber Security easy for all to understand and do!

We're Here To Help!




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